About Dan Amerson

All his life, Dan Amerson has been working with people and organizations to solve problems, to heal emotions, and to recreate and restore relationships.  Dan believes that life is often lived in the midst of tension and conflict; and whether it is a personal matter, a family issue, or a civil conflict … people are called to rise above conflicts and make decisions that will create new life and new beginnings.  This is why he often says, “Change is Inevitable … Growth is an Option!”  

Dan is convinced that the creative process of mediation allows disputing parties to solve problems and resolve conflicts with a sense of dignity and integrity by which persons recognize the value and worth of one another. Since developing a full time practice in mediation in September of 2000, he has led 2500 mediations.
He spent the first 12 years of his professional life working with poverty families in unique locations-

  • rural Appalachia Kentucky, The Appalachia Service Project
  • inner city Chicago,  The Urban Training Center
  • an isolated island in Alaska - The Board of Global Missions - Methodist Church .  

It was while working with poverty families that Dan became involved in mediation.   In the early 1980, he served as the District Court (State of Alaska) liaison/ombudsman for families (both victims and perpetrators) of domestic violence.  He also conducted mediation for the Episcopal Diocese of the State of Alaska.   

Dan has served and led numerous organizations –

  • President – Galveston County Association of Mediators
  • Texas Association of Mediators
  • The American Cancer Society,  Texas State Board
  • The Board of Governors, The Methodist Children's Home, Waco, Texas
  • Chair, SAFV (Sitkans Against Family Violence - Sitka, Alaska)
  • The Governor’s Council for Sexual Assault/Domestic Violence, The State of Alaska
  • Northwest Assistance Ministries, Houston, Texas

A graduate of McMurry College (Abilene), Dan went on to receive a Masters Degree 
from Southern Methodist University in Dallas.   He is a trained mediator having completed the requirements of the State of Texas, as well as other training events:

  • Omsbudman Program - District Courts of The State of Alaska, The State Troopers Academy
  • Mediation - The University of Houston, The AA White Dispute Resolution Center
  • Family Mediation - The University of Houston, Clear Lake
  • Children's Justice Act - Children's Justice Act, State of Texas, DRC-Harris County
  • And numerous other training events, such as Pepperdine University, Lakeside Mediation Center in Austin.

Under the guidelines of the State of Texas, Dan is a Professional Mediator.  He is a member of the Texas Association of Mediators (TAM), the Association of Conflict Resolution, and The Galveston County Mediation Association. He has taught mediation training events at the University of Houston, the Dispute Resolution Center-Harris County, The Children's Justice Act-Houston – South Texas School of Law, and for Stephen F. Austin University.  

Since opening a full time practice in 2000, Dan has a successfully mediated over 2500 mediation sessions (Family, Civil, CPS, and Institutional).

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